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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Welcome 2014!

Welcome 2014!
Wow - a new year already!

We had a wonderful holiday season with our family of four - and our family and friends this year.  With two young kids, our events and celebrations were spread out over enough time that it didn't feel rushed and we were truly able to enjoy it all. 

This was our first Christmas celebrating with Lawson and as I write this today, he is now 6 1/2 months old.  He has now met Santa, had his first set of matching pj's with his sister, he sits up on his own, has four teeth, has started eating solid foods, he babbles mum mum and baa baa baa, smiles at anyone who talks to him, and love to play on his tummy.  He is an extremely happy, chill baby and we love watching him grow and change each day. 

On January 1st, we hosted his 6 month birthday party with his little cousin Hope.  A tradition which we started with Kennedy.  The both had their own cake and 6 balloons and all of the family came over to celebrate with us. 

Kennedy amazes us everyday with her comments, questions, and recently her silly little jokes and giggles.  She was thrilled with her Barbie house from Santa, loves dance class, and preschool twice a week.  She also LOVES her little brother - smothering him in kisses, hugs, and "helping" him sit up or lay down (aka bonking him over). 

The two of them love giggling together, taking baths together, and dancing together.  I can't wait to see how they interact in the years to come! 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Busy with two!

I've been MIA lately, and I'm going to blame it on the fact that I am now a mother of two active little ones. 
Lawson is now five months old!  He's such a happy baby.  I sometimes wonder if his personality really is much more relaxed and chill compared to when his sister was so young, or if we as parents just know what we're doing this time around.  Perhaps it's a combination of both. 
He now has two little chicklits on his bottom gums and at last weigh was 17lbs 7oz. I've started putting the little man in size 12 month sleepers.  I just can't believe how quickly he is growing.  He's now the type of baby that you can carry on your hip!  
He is moving so much now - he grabs his toes whenever they are free, rolls around on the floor, scootches on his tummy in a circle, babbles to anyone who will listen, drools and spits up,  chews on anything that he can get in his mouth, grabs for toys, and smiles and laughs.  He has the best little laugh and loves to giggle when you scare him. 
Kennedy loves having baths with her little brother.  We now throw them both in the tub together and she likes to wash his feet.  She loves when I take Lawson into her room first thing in the morning.  She is usually giving him a kiss on the cheek before she even says good morning.  She enjoys being mommy's little helper - whatever Lawson needs, be it a diaper or a toy handed to him - she's our girl.  It's been a pretty smooth transition into the big sister roll.. 
Lawson absolutely loves to bounce in his jumperoo.  He'd spend the day in it if we let him.  We actually have one upstairs infront of the patio door so he can see us in the kitchen and look outside as well as a borrowed one in the basement. 
Putting the little man to sleep is getting much easier.  It used to be long, "aggressive" bouncing sessions on the exercise ball but recently he is much easier to calm and put to sleep.  It may be a walk around the room with his arms tucked into your body and a soother in the mouth that puts him out.  Other times, we rock in the rocking chair and pat his bum.  I think soon we will try putting him in bed awake... but mama is still enjoying the cuddles for now.  At night time, he's still up a few times in the night, but it's always a quick feed and back to bed.  Recently he was waking absolutely soaked but a good friend recommended a nighttime diaper and we have had dry mornings ever since :) 
Snow has recently fallen and we've been outside a bit less.  Coyotes have been in our front and backyard so I've been a little hesitant to go out to play with both kids by myself.  We built the first snowman of the season the other day while daddy put up Christmas lights.  Kennedy helped and Lawson cheered us on from the stroller. 
It's been a wonderful five months so far but this mama better get to bed... you never know what I will have to wake up through the night and what time the kids will be up in the morning! Life goes on no matter how much sleep I get!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

3 months

Lawson looks totally shocked that he's 3 months old already.  I am too!  It was his three month birthday and he giggled for the first time.  He was sitting on daddy's lap and I was kneeling infront of him chatting to him (in a ridiculous voice!) and he did a little giggle.  Melted my heart!

Our little dancer is loving dance class.  I could watch her prance around all day long!  Our afternoon naps have been disrupted on Mondays as class starts at 3:15!  I've been trying to get her down earlier but it's not always successful.  She has so much fun!

Monday, 23 September 2013

12 weeks old

Our little man is now 12 weeks old and already wearing clothes that are size 6 months.  I'm truly shocked that the weeks have flown by so quickly.  Yesterday we set up the jumperoo and he has enjoyed sitting in it for a few minutes at a time.  Placing a thick book underneath gives him the chance to put his feet down as he is just a little short yet.  I remember when we started putting Kennedy in the jumperoo, we needed to put a small plastic box under it as she was (and is) so short.

Lawson is starting to coo at us and has such a handsome smile as you talk and sing to him.  He follows you around with his eyes, and loves to be sitting up, with support. 

Nights are getting so much better too!  He's an easy baby to put to sleep now (you watch, I'll jinx myself saying this) and when he's up in the night, it's for a quick feed, then back to bed.

We are so lucky!  We have another happy, healthy baby!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Our handsome boy

Long overdue to show off a few pictures of our handsome boy.
 Only a few minutes old
 Relaxing at the cottage
Snuggles with mommy

Happy boy

Sibling love

2 months old

Family :)

Kennedy's first day of Preschool

Such a strong boy

Planting Lawson's Tree


Monday, 9 September 2013

10 weeks old!

My baby boy is growing so fast.  At just over ten weeks, we had our first set of shots today and he weighed in at a whooping 14lbs 7oz.  He's growing and changing so fast.  I keep going through his drawers and taking the clothes out that he no longer fits into and replacing them with much bigger clothing.  It was a sad day last week when I opened our first package of size two diapers.  This past weekend, I also did the big switch, and moved him into his own room in his crib :(  A sad night for mommy as daddy was on nights.  But poor little Lawson was just getting TOO big for his bassinet and was kicking and hitting the sides, waking himself up.  I remember Kennedy was 15 weeks before we moved her. 

All of these little milestones he's reaching are so exciting to watch, but it really does make me feel a bit sad that he's changing so quickly.  He has such great head control and enjoys sitting in his bumbo chair already!  What a great invention that chair is. 

Kennedy is in love with Lawson and is starting to tell me what to do.  "Mommy, Lawson wants some milk" is a common phrase I hear if he starts to fuss.  She smothers him in kisses and gives him his soother when he cries (and is working on doing so gently).  She puts toys in his face for him to see and sings him songs.  It's amazing to watch.

Last week, Kennedy started her first day at preschool and today is our first dance class.

Tomorrow, we'll be packing them up for university. 
Slow down time!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Lawson's arrival!

He's here! He's here!  And what an entrance he made!  :) Time to share the story while it's still fresh in my mind.

Rewind to June 25th.  I had a midwife appointment with Whitney and Brianna and after much discussion, we decided to think about the possibility of doing a non-medical induction on Thursday since baby was head down and to get things rolling before he decided to try and flip on us again.

June 26th was the second last day of school for the year, but it was my last day of work since the next day was supposed to be "the day" we got things started.  It was strange saying goodbye to all the kids, knowing that the baby was going to be coming soon!

June 27th we were woken to a call from the midwife saying that they were unable to provide adequate midwifery care that day for an induction as they had too many women in labour through the night and during the day to have a midwife that I knew present.  Although we were disappointed, we stayed close to the phone just in case things changed.  It was a long day of waiting without the phone ringing with good news.

We're now on June 28th, which was a Friday.  When Brianna called to tell us to come on up to the clinic, we were excited and nervous all rolled into one.  We dropped K off at the sitter and had her take a picture of us together.  Our last picture as a family of 3 :)

Up to the clinic we went where they checked me to confirm baby was still head down (which he was - yeah!).  I then took a dose of castor oil and orange juice (ick) and went for a walk downtown.  After a second dose back at the clinic, we walked to a small cafĂ© and had lunch.  Then after our third dose, it was off to the hospital with Carys and Brianna.  They met me there, and checked to see that baby was still happy and then we started using the breast pump for an hour on and off.  Contractions started mildly and I took a break to go for a walk, and do the stairs for a bit.  The back to the breast pump for a little while.  After a bit they decide to do an ultrasound.  So at 5:30 we headed down for an ultrasound (having the ultrasound tech stay late to fit us in).  Baby was happy and content, however they realized that I had polyhydraminos (extra amniotic fluid).  No wonder baby was moving around so much! 

After a big consult, we had a couple of options.  Either wait and do a non-stress test both Saturday and Sunday with a medical induction planned for Monday.  Or, a medical induction the next day.  Being rather impatient, we decided just to go for the medical induction the next day.  That would be 9 days past due date, so I was more than ready to meet this little man.

Back home we went, picking up K at Grandma's on our way home, knowing that tomorrow was the big day and rest would be needed.  Although we were in bed that night by 10:30, I was woken at 12:30 with some strong contractions.  I got up to walk around and "sway" with them.  Feeling hungry, I made a tomato sandwich, but only got half of it down before feeling the need to wake up Evan.  I woke him at 1:15 and told him that contractions were really starting to pick up in intensity and frequency.  By this time, I was having a hard time breathing through them and decided to start keeping track.  They were around 1 minute in length and only 2 minutes apart. 

It was time to call Grandma and the midwives!  when Evan got a hold of Carys and Brianna on a three way call, they decided it was best to get in the car asap and head to the hospital.  I went to call my mom but had to wait through a contraction as I knew I couldn't talk.  At 1:50, I gave her a call, telling her that it was time and we were heading to the hospital.  I'd call her when we knew more about what was going on so they could come up to the hospital and be there too. By the time Evan's mom arrived to stay with K, it was 2am when we hit the road.  I remember looking at the speedometer and telling Evan to hurry up.  He was only going 100km/h and there was nobody on the road.  After about 7 minutes into our hour long drive - I felt a huge gush.  My water broke.  Holy crap I thought.  We had discussed with the midwives countless times that IF my water were to break that I was to put my knees to my chest and get head down and butt in the air.  They had explained that since the baby's head hadn't fully engaged in my pelvis yet, that there was a chance that the umbilical cord could sneak under the babies head when my water broke, and they baby's head would then come down in the pelvis, pinching off the cord.  By getting into the funky position, it would help keep baby up and off the cord.  Of course they also said that this was very very unlikely to happen, but they told me anyways - just in case. 

So in a panic, I flipped around in the front seat of the car and told Evan he had to pull over and call 911 (these were further instructions from our midwives).  Evan got on his cell with the dispatcher (this was at 2:07am) and ran to the road to find the address of where we were.  He then realized that he could probably drive me back to our local hospital quicker than waiting for the ambulance to come and get me.  So he turned around and high tailed it back to the hospital.  A hospital which doesn't deliver babies anymore - and they haven't in quite a few years.

I remember a nurse meeting us at the front door with a wheelchair (the 911 dispatcher had called ahead to warn them we were coming) and asking me to get in the chair.  I told her I couldn't sit in the chair and after a little "discussion" I agreed to get in the chair on all fours, with my butt still in the air!  The doctor came to meet us and I could hear her ask if this was our first baby - obviously she didn't recognize me right away in the strange position I was in.  No, this wasn't our first baby Evan informed her as she clued in to who we were - it happened to be my own family doctor!

They wheeled me back to a room in emerge, and I told them I was ready to push.  It seemed like only a few short seconds while the doctor checked me and said that if  was ready to push, to go ahead.  I was squeezing hands with nurses on both sides, and remember opening my eyes briefly to see Evan at my side on my left and looking at the clock on the wall to the right.  It was 2:20am. 

After three pushes (which to me seemed like mediocre pushes - and I knew I could do better once I got the hang of it again), the doctor said that his head was out.  WHAT?  Already?  This was amazing news.  I heard her say that the cord was around his neck, but she got it off and then after one more push, he was here!  Our beautiful baby boy, Lawson, was put onto my chest and I remember looking from him to Evan saying "I can't believe he's here!  I can't believe that just happened!"  He arrived at 2:31.  Just 24 minutes after we called 911 when my water broke.  Wow - that was quick!

What a handsome baby boy!  They weighed him beside me - 8lbs 8oz - the same weight I was when I was born. 

It had been a long time since a baby had been born at this hospital.  We found out afterwards that when the 911 dispatcher called in to say we were coming, they called an extra three nurses and one doctor in to assist.  Only one nurse made it in time.  The rest of them were called off the floor to come and help.  However, the care we received was wonderful - everyone was knowledgeable, helpful, and so kind! 

At 3:15, I called my parents and they were so surprised to hear that the baby had arrived and we didn't make it to the right hospital.  They thought we would have just been arriving at the hospital and here I was calling to say that Lawson had arrived! It was only about fifteen minutes later when my parents arrived - totally shocked that Lawson was there - just as we were!  We called Evan's mom, dad, and my siblings in the middle of the night and then shared the news with the rest of our friends and family early the next morning.

Evan's mom and our midwives arrived early morning and were excited to hear our story again.  The doctor agreed that we could have our care transferred over to our midwives and they allowed us to go home.  At 11:10 that morning, we arrived home with our son, and the midwives came with us to check him out.  He was perfect!

I sit here writing this on July 29th. Lawson is now one month old.  It seems like forever ago that I was pregnant and actually gave birth to him.  We are so thankful for a healthy baby boy!  Although life with two kids is chaotic at times - we are loving life as a family of four!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Our busy boy

Oh my, this little baby boy is already testing us!   A couple weeks ago, I posted about baby being in the transverse position and then flipping on his own.  Well everything has been hunky dory until yesterday.  It was off to the midwife again (this time with my sister for company) for my weekly check up.  I was 38 weeks and 5 days.  The plan for the day: talk over with my student midwife and the midwife about natural ways to bring on labour as well as discussions on possible complications that could arise.  The chat was good - I learnt a lot and felt easy about things.  It came time to do the exam, and my student midwife asked for a second opinion as she thought baby boy was possibly in the breech position.  The other midwife agreed.  Then they called in a third opinion.  Yep - she too, felt a breech baby.
So we left with the plan to get an ultrasound book as soon as possible to confirm breech.  I wasn't even out of town when I got a call on my cell to stick around as the ultrasound would happen in two hours.  This gave us enough time for a quick trip to a store to shop, grab a bite to eat, and do three conference calls with work (as I was supposed to be in a meeting!).  My sister and I headed to the hospital and the ultrasound tech confirmed that yes, baby boy was breech (and an estimated 8lbs 1 oz!). 
I called the midwife back to give her an update and we planned to meet back the next morning at 9am to do an ECV.  On my way home, I was able to call and book a chiropractor appointment last minute to see if he could attempt the Webster Technique on me (this is a technique that helps open the pelvis to allow baby room to flip).  It was quick and easy and I went home to my little girl to try all of the other tricks I'd been told and read about (frozen things on my tummy and a flashlight down below, good posture while sitting, forward leaning inversion etc).  It was a late night of doing last minute packing (like packing Kennedy's bag and adding more things to my hospital bag).  Knowing that the EVC in the morning could potentially bring on labour or, worst case scenario lead to a c-section, I wanted to be prepared.
So my hubby came home from work early from his night shift so he could get a few hours of sleep before we had to head to the hospital.  The morning started off well and we dropped K off at the sitter.  Off to the hospital we went, feeling a little nervous, but hopeful that the ECV (External Cephalic Version) would be successful.  We met three of our midwives there and they started a non-stress test (to make sure baby was happy and comfortable before they attempted the ECV).  After about 10 or 15 minutes of being monitored my midwife informed me that the OB doctor was busy in the OR and we would have to stop and wait for her to be available (just to be on the safe side for the worst-case-scenarios). 
SO - off we went to the mall.  After an hour of touring around we came back and were soon informed that we could start again.  Back to the room we went where we had my student midwife, three other midwives I have met, the resident doctor, the OB doctor, and 2 nurses to chat with (can you tell that nobody else was in labour today and we got all the special attention!).  They started by feeling around on my tummy - the resident doctor and two of the experienced midwives and were all trying to figure out what they were feeling.  What?  Head down, they wondered?  Couldn't be.... so they hooked up the bedside ultrasound machine and started to look.  It did look like head was down (and then the machine shut off - ahhhh - panic and fingers crossed!)  But it was confirmed - baby boy's head was down.  HE FLIPPED HIMSELF AGAIN! 
What a great feeling - we were all in disbelief and couldn't believe that this baby had done it again!  However it also raised a bit of concern.  He obviously has enough room to be flipping around.... will he keep doing that?  Will he flip back into breech or transverse or will he stay head down?  We started discussing the possibility of starting an induction right away to be sure that he is in the correct position, but after a lengthy chat, and having the doctor check me out, we decided that today was not the right day.  We'll cross our fingers that he stays the way he is, and do what we can to keep him that way (and to make him go even lower in my pelvis). 
So that was our morning.  A busy one at that.  I'm thankful for my midwives, their knowledge and guidance.  I'm thankful that they have a good relationship with the OB doctors and the sharing of information and ideas they passed back and forth.  I'm thankful that we were so involved in the decisions of today and that they talked TO us, not around us.  I'm thankful for my hubby's support through all of it and I'm thankful for a baby who is starting to cooperate!  :) (and I was thankful to come home to a happy, smiling two year old daughter!)

Sunday, 26 May 2013

He flipped!

I forgot to update with the good news that Baby Boy did the flip!  Yeah for head down! :)  I went for an ultrasound at 1:00pm last Tuesday and the ultrasound tech said that he was still in the transverse position.  It was disappointing news, but I knew that things could always be worse.  If this was the extent of the complications we had to go through, we were very fortunate compared to some families.  Fast forward to 4:30 that same day when I had my midwife appointment and she started feeling my tummy and said she thought he was head down!  After a second opinion, it was confirmed, he was in the proper position.  How that happened in the few hours of time in between is beyond me as I don't think I felt anything abnormal, but we were thrilled to hear the news (although to be honest, I didn't quite believe it.... but got more confirmation on Friday).  Yeah baby! 

Now that he's co-operating a bit more, this mama has to get her butt in gear to get ready for his arrival as realistically, he could come anytime now.  I have a few things set out but lots of organising to do still.  Maybe tomorrow?  Oh wait... I've made plans... ;)  I'm the queen of procrastination.... it will get done.... soon.... :)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Mother's Day

My 3rd Mother's Day :)  Looking forward to sharing it with another little one next year!